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School budget cuts continue to seriously and adversely impact the funding for California’s schools most basic necessities, from paper, pencils, and highlighters to cuts in staffing, library and computer access.  Extracurricular activities and field trips have become a luxury many schools can no longer provide.   It is the mission of The Good Fairy to deliver some of the essential items to local public schools.

Bowers Elementary in Santa Clara and A.J. Dorsa Elementary in San Jose are two schools where programs for under-served populations are successful models for schools nationwide; yet budget cuts are forcing the elimination of programs and basic supplies. The Good Fairy portal provides you the opportunity to browse the schools “wish lists” and directly donate the items for classroom use.

  • Through the links to the left you will find information about both Dorsa and Bowers, as well as a list of physical items and monetary donations you can buy or make to help aid in getting these schools the funding they need to maintain their high level of excellence. 
  • The items you purchase cannot be purchased through our website, however links to suppliers are provided, for your convenience.  Both the physical items you purchase as well as the monetary donations you make must go straight to each school. 
  • Each schools’ mailing address and Tax ID number are provided on their sites.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.


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